Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer Rafting Trip Planning Experiment

So I have been REALLY excited to send out my first large group invitation. The whole idea for started because of a rafting trip that never got scheduled. We all know how great summer is and unfortunately, how fast it flies by. Everyone tries to fit in as much fun as possible between Memorial Day and Labor Day, taking advantage of summer hours, vacation days and of course "sick days". This, however, can make planning anything a logistical nightmare! So with up and running I decided to FINALLY get that rafting trip organized. While the results were as expected (everyone is really busy and all over the place this summer)....we did manage to find one day that worked for everyone! I'm not only happy that the website was super easy to use and a simple planning tool, but I'm also happy we're going rafting this summer!

We got some great feedback, found a pretty big "bug" and added about 10 new, very high level feature requests to our running list of future feature additions. We have gone out of our way to make sure that providing feedback is as easy as possible. Please do not be shy to drop us a line and ask for features, report a bug, tell us something doesn't make sense, comment on the design, the user interface....anything and everything is welcome! We have a great little note pad at the top of every page that will email us your thoughts/comments directly. Please use it knowing we will get it and enjoy hearing from you :-)

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