Thursday, April 9, 2009

A ton of new users!

Wow, what a day!  We had a huge spike in traffic thanks to articles on and the Click Chick at  We were thrilled to have so many new people come and check out yesterday.  It was great to receive two positive reviews right off the bat. 

We’ve been developing slowly over the past couple of years, sharing with friends and family at various stages in search of feedback.  We avoided media attention while constantly iterating on our design until we felt it was ready.  After yesterdays reviews it shows the hard work paid off!

While there were a lot of good things that happened yesterday, we still ran into a number of problems.  Our host decided to make some changes to the database in the middle of our big traffic spike.  So a number of users ran into errors when trying to activate their account or send out their plans.  We apologize for these and any other inconveniences you may have encountered.  Joel was up late last night working out all of these bugs and everything seems to be running OK today. 

Making group plans can be frustrating and hopefully we were able to make some lives easier through our free service.  If not, send an email to Jason {at} to let me know what we can do better.

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